I can’t believe some of the asinine job requirements people are posting on Craigslist. The pay rates are getting smaller and smaller and the job duties crazier, longer and more complex.

Two job descriptions today under “admin assistant” said:
1. If you do not get up at 6:00 o’clock everyday and love it, and you are not an early morning person, we are not interested in you. We are into health and healthy people only!

2. You must own an iPad and an iPhone to be hired because we are converting to Mac at our office and want you to tell others about using these products!

I don’t know about everyone looking for a job today but I am over 55 and on a limited budget. There are no iPhones ($200-$400) or iPad ($400+) in my future. So you cannot even apply for this crummy $10 per hour job if you don’t own the toys. As far as getting up at 6:00 o’clock, well yes I could do it if I was motivated and the job starts at that time. But over my lifetime I have not always gotten up at 6 so my “attitude” about mornings may not be suitable to your tastes and I may not be buzzing at 6 unless I overdose on caffeine. Are you kidding?

While they’re at it, why don’t employers tell us to stick our own heads up our asses and then talk? They are already our best example to follow. Hope their replies are few and far between.