CHASE BANK ERROR – Big Reward for us!!! Well, I I guess I thought something like this would never happen to us… you know, like when you draw that little card in monopoly that the bank’s made an error? Well, Kathy was over at our lucky PO Box the other day, and opened up a letter from Chase bank that said just that! They overcharged us interest that we paid over who-knows-how-long a period of time and there was an official apology – and a check!!! Holy moley, I couldn’t believe the amount!! Man, we hit the JACKPOT!! I guess we can really retire now and relax in comfort thanks to Chase bank and their big “mistake”.

I know Kathy didn’t want me to make this public – maybe she’s she’s just too humble. People like lotto winners are sometimes afraid of relatives and friends they didn’t know or remember come cropping up out of the woodwork and wanting to make a deal or begging for a “family loan” like they were a bank or something (Trump probably gets that all the time!) I know that could happen, but I hope not! I think our friends and relatives are a little too proud to do something like that – tho I’m not sure I could resist the temptation to hit up a lottery winner in the family!!

I’m only posting this good news and a picture of the check because I can’t believe that Chase has blessed us with such an extravagant reward and I guess I have to talk about it so I can believe it myself!! I hope this wasn’t a mistake on their part, because I don’t want to give the money back and I HOPE we don’t owe any TAXES on this dough! Maybe need to consult a lawyer – can anyone give me a free consultation on financial consequences of a bank error?? I really hope we don’t owe anything!!! You can see the check and the letter here: