CHASE BANK ERROR – Big Reward for us!!! Well, I I guess I thought something like this would never happen to us… you know, like when you draw that little card in monopoly that the bank’s made an error? Well, Kathy was over at our lucky PO Box the other day, and opened up a…


Letter to the Editor

My Letter to the Editor Wednesday, May 4, 2005 8:24 AM From: “italgal” <sweet195130@yahoo.com> To: letters@mercurynews.com Temp Agency Merry-go-round Seeking work is hard enough without hitting the temp agency wall of no return. Either they are hounding people with jobs they cannot possibly fill, or they never return a phone call regarding a hot position…


Pull Your Heads Out!

I can’t believe some of the asinine job requirements people are posting on Craigslist. The pay rates are getting smaller and smaller and the job duties crazier, longer and more complex. Two job descriptions today under “admin assistant” said: 1. If you do not get up at 6:00 o’clock everyday and love it, and you…


Dollar, Dollar Everywhere!

About a year ago or more I noticed what’s called the dollar store. Family members had been telling me about the treasures they found there. I first went into a dollar store about a year ago, just randomly browsing, and not buying anything. I wanted to see what a dollar could buy. I went into…