My Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, May 4, 2005 8:24 AM
From: “italgal” <>

Temp Agency Merry-go-round

Seeking work is hard enough without hitting the temp agency wall of no return. Either they are hounding people with jobs they cannot possibly fill, or they never return a phone call regarding a hot position someone really wants to fill. I’ve had my share of these type of agencies the last few months in my job search. The madness of their tests from typing to IQ and filling out hours of paperwork is just a waste of time. Not only do most agencies in the Southbay not have any real jobs, they are just papering their walls with my resume. Between no return phone calls and their total disinterest in me as a qualified applicant, what do they serve? Is anyone working out there? Oh yes, my recruiter has a job. Guess he forgot about me.